This is ridiculous. I don’t know its purpose. Perhaps it’s even a bug in MXMLC. But I did it nonetheless and was confused for a good while. Here’s a quick little bug for you to avoid.

Apparently, you can do this:

import com.mycorp.util;

Note that no class was specified after the util, nor was the wildcard * used, nor was there a class com.mycorp.util present. Essentially, I’m saying I want to import a package. Does it import the whole package like I had used import com.mycorp.util.*;? No! It simply imports nothing. This is useless, but not a compiler error in MXMLC. It’s one of those tiny little things in the midst of the rest of your imports, especially if you use wildcard * imports that you (or I) will miss and be puzzled about. I hope you’ll be less puzzled than I was if you ever make this typo.

Happy Independence Day!