Version 10.5 of Opera was released today. Opera 10.0 last performance test made some small strides over 9.64, but it was still the slowest current version of the browser out of the whole test. Also, Google Chrome was updated on January 25th and Mozilla released Firefox 3.6 on January 21st. Today’s article shows an updated performance comparison to check up on the progress being made by Opera, Google, and Mozilla.

Let’s look at the performance charts:

All Versions

AS3 vs. JavaScript performance chart (all versions)

Current Versions

AS3 vs. JavaScript performance chart (current versions)

Sadly, Google Chrome has lost a bit of its performance with the release of version 4.0. Opera, however, has made tremendous strides in 10.5! The test data shows Opera 10.5 with a speedup of 465% over version 10.0! It’s now so fast that it is edging out Safari 4 by a small margin. But even with this huge gain, Mozilla’s release of Firefox 3.6 still manages to claim the performance crown. Here are the new rankings:

  1. Mozilla Firefox 3.6 (fastest)
  2. Opera 10.5
  3. Safari 4.0
  4. Flash 10.0
  5. Chrome 4.0
  6. Internet Explorer 8.0 (slowest)

Hopefully I will have Flash Player 10.1 available to test for the next installment of this series. Until then, enjoy the raw data as Open Document Format (ODS) or Excel (XLS) format spreadsheet.