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Casting Questions Answered

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You, my dear readers, have posed many fine questions and chimed in with many excellent suggestions to my previous articles on typecasting and today I will answer them! (for newcomers to this series, read on for tips showing how to easily speed up your casts by 200x or more)

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Amazing Lookups Optimization

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Today’s article is about an unintuitive-yet-simple optimization you can use to hugely increase the speed of reading from Array, Vector, Dictionary, Object, and dynamic classes. Need I say more? Read on for this amazing speedup!

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Typecasting: Part 3

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Today’s article is a followup to an article (Cast Speed, itself a followup to Two Types of Casts) from September that continues to gather comments. Sharp-eyed reader fastas3 brought up a good point that warranted some further investigation into the topic. So today we’ll be taking yet-another look at typecasting in AS3 to try to unravel some of its strange mysteries.

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Cast Speed

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One of the first articles I wrote for this site covered the two types of casts available to the AS3 programmer. In that article I covered the syntax of the two as well as some of the quirks. Today I’ll cover the performance differences between them.

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