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Making describeTypeJSON 50x Faster than describeType

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The hidden describeTypeJSON function is faster than the XML-based describeType function by default, but we can make it even faster. Today’s article describe just how this is done and achieves a nearly 10x speedup!

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describeType vs. describeTypeJSON

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flash.utils.describeType has been around since Flash 9 and is the standard way to find out interesting information about a Class type, including its metadata/annotations. However, there’s a hidden function called describeTypeJSON that provides an interesting alternative. Since describeType is notoriously slow, could describeTypeJSON be the speedy alternative we’ve been looking for? Today’s article puts them to the test!

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What is an int?

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If you’re thinking “I know what an int is”, you need to take this little quiz to find out for sure!

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Utility Function: getProperties

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Quite often I have wanted to iterate over the public fields (and getters) of an arbitrary object. Sometimes this is for debugging purposes so I can print out the state of an object, particularly one that has all public fields like a C/C++ structure. Sadly, this is not possibly (with most objects) using the for-in and for-each loops we’ve come to know and love. So I made a utility function that I’m sharing with you all today. UPDATE: getProperties now supports MovieClip derivatives such as library symbols from an FLA

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