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HTML5 Browser Support: October 2013

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Like it or not, HTML5 is all the rage these days. It seems like everyone, everywhere is talking about the “death of Flash” and the triumphant rise of HTML5 in its place. Many developers who would have used Flash are now considering building on top of HTML5 features like the <canvas> tag. This got me wondering: how well supported are these features across desktop and mobile browsers? I couldn’t find any existing stats on this, so today’s article is my own report. If you write your game in HTML5, what percentage of users will be able to see it? Read on for the answers.

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Optimizing AS3 with JavaScript

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Now that AS3 is performing slower than JavaScript in some areas, should we be looking to optimize our AS3 by offloading tasks to JavaScript? That may sound perverse, but the possibility of major speedups is tempting. Today’s article looks for speedups using Flash’s AS3-to-JavaScript bridge: ExternalInterface.

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