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ActionScript Workers: Changing ByteArray Length

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In the last article we learned that a ByteArray shared between two workers also shares its length field but not its position field. This raises a followup question: what about when the length changes? Today’s article sees what happens when you change the length of a ByteArray that is shared between two ActionScript workers to see just how shared that length field really is.

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Loops With int and uint

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AS3 has two integer types: int and uint. In my experience, most AS3 programmers just use int everywhere and ignore uint. This is usually acceptable as the need for unsigned integers is rare compared to their signed counterparts. However, there are significant performance differences between the two. Read on for the impact of uint on your loops. The original version of this article’s performance test contained a small-but-critical error that led to a lot of incorrect analysis and results. This version of the article has been corrected.

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Function Length

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In my last article on getProperties, there was one strange finding in the tests of standard classes: the Function class seems to have a length field. What is it? Today we’ll see

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