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ActionScript Workers: Condition Class Demo

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The last article gave a very basic example of the flash.concurrent.Condition class introduced in Flash Player 11.5. That example was (hopefully) a simple and easy way to understand the mechanics of how the Condition class works. Unfortunately, it was not a useful example and actually demonstrated the opposite of what you’d want to use it for. Today’s article shows a somewhat more complicated example that should serve as an example of appropriate usage for Condition.

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Send ActionScript Worker Messages 2.5x Faster

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We know that sending messages between ActionScript workers is slow, but how can we make it faster? Today’s article discusses an alternative approach to message passing that yields a 2.5x speedup. Read on to learn about the approach and un-block your workers.

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Easy Worker Communication With MessageComm

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ActionScript Workers are great, but they can be tricky to set up and especially debug. Today I’m introducing a couple of helper classes to take some of the pain out of communicating between threads. Read on for the helper class source code (MIT licensed) and an example app that uses it.

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ActionScript Worker Message Passing is Slow

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Since Flash Player 11.4 was released we have finally been given the ability to run multiple threads of AS3 code to take advantage of modern multi-core CPUs. However, when we start writing this multi-threaded code we immediately run into the requirement to coordinate the threads by passing messages between them. As it turns out, this is quite slow in AS3. Read on for the performance analysis.

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