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Handling Errors Without Exceptions: Part 2

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Last week’s article introduced the Either class as an alternative to exceptions that makes it easy for functions to declare their error results in addition to their success results and for callers of those functions to handle both results. Today we’ll go further by linking together multiple functions to handle all the error cases almost transparently. Read on to learn how to make the most out of Either!

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Handling Errors Without Exceptions: Part 1

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Exceptions are the de facto way to handle errors in C#, but they have problems. Callers don’t know if the function they’re calling will throw an exception at all or which types of exceptions it’ll throw. Exceptions also introduce an alternative control flow that’s often hard for programmers to follow. They make our code slower too, even when never thrown! Today’s article introduces an alternative to exceptions to help solve all of these issues. Read on to learn a new way to handle errors!

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