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C++ For C# Developers: Part 14 – Inheritance

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Now that we know how to initialize structs and other types in C++, we can take a look at inheritance and learn how to make structs derive from each other. There’s a lot of extended functionality here compared to C# class inheritance. Read on to learn the basics as well as advanced features like multiple inheritance and virtual inheritance!

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From AS3 to C#, Part 5: Static Classes, Destructors, and Constructor Tricks

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Last week’s article mostly covered abstract classes, but this week we’ll discuss an even more abstract type of class: static classes. We’ll also explore C#’s anti-constructor, known as a destructor, and some fancy ways to construct a class. Read on and learn some more class-related features that were never available to us in AS3.

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Faster Log10

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Today’s article is quick and to the point: when you need to take the base 10 logarithm of an integer you can speed this up by about 8x. Read on for the technique and save some CPU cycles!

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