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Stage3D Draw Calls: Part 1

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There’s no doubt that Flash 11’s new Stage3D API can produce some amazing results by giving us access to the power of the user’s video card/GPU. However, it’d be a mistake to blindly assume that it is always faster than the traditional Flash display list (i.e. Stage). Today’s article begins a series that discusses the topic of “draw calls” and how they heavily impact the performance of your application.

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Stage3D Readback Performance

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At long last, Flash Player 11 has been released and carries with it a raft of exciting new features. Perhaps most exciting is the inclusion of the new Stage3D class (and related libraries) to enable GPU-accelerated graphics rendering. Today’s article will be the first to cover this new API and discusses one of its features: reading back the rendered scene into a BitmapData that you can put on the regular Stage. Surely this will be a popular operation for merging 3D and 2D, so let’s see how fast it is!

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