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Loops in IL2CPP

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There are many permutations of loops we can write, but what do they compile to? We should know the consequences of using an array versus a List<T>, for versus foreach, caching Length, and other factors. So today’s article dives into the C++ code that IL2CPP outputs when we write these various types of loops to examine the differences. We’ll even go further and look at the ARM assembly that the C++ compiles to and really find out how much overhead our choices are costing us.

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LINQ Extensions: Part 1

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One of C#’s most unique features is its SQL-style LINQ syntax. It’s a powerful and expressive way to treat data structures like a database and perform all kinds of actions on them. LINQ can also be used without the SQL-style syntax via various extension methods of IEnumerable<T> defined in the System.Linq namespace. Due to C#’s extension method feature, we’re free to add on our own LINQ-style functions to extend its power. Today’s article introduces some extension methods to do just that. Read on for the source code and power up your LINQ!

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