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Class Bootup Part 2

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Today’s article follows up on an article I wrote way back in August of 2009 about the order of operations when you use a class. In the original article I showed the order of field initializers and constructors. Today I’m expanding on that to show three more chunks of code that are run. Can you guess what those chunks are?

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Variable Ordering

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I recently perused the AVM2 bytecode overview that Adobe provides and found something strange: they have special instructions for the first few local variables. Getting the first local variables is done by getlocal0, getlocal1, getlocal2, getlocal3, but then a generalized getlocal is used for local variables thereafter. This brought me to think about the performance implications of these specialized instructions. After all, why have them when you already have a generalized one? Read on to see the performance differences and if you can get any speed boost from rearranging your local variables.

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