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Flash vs. HTML5: Hardware-Accelerated Bitmap Rotation and Scaling

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Flash (mostly) won the first bitmap test against HTML5 but was then defeated once rotation and scaling entered the mix. Can Flash make a comeback by leveraging hardware acceleration via Stage3D? Today’s test finds out!

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Flash vs. HTML5: Bitmap Rotation and Scaling

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Normal bitmaps can be boring, so many games spice them up by rotating and scaling them for various purposes. Rotated characters can follow the curve of a 2D terrain in a game like Dragon, Fly!. Mario himself can scale up to huge size in New Super Mario Bros.. So today we continue the HTML5 vs. JavaScript series by testing the performance of rotating and scaling bitmaps to better compare the performance across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Will Flash maintain its lead? Read on to find out.

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Put In Frame

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For a change, today’s article has nothing to do with performance. Instead, I’m going to tackle a simple task that I find myself doing all the time while working with Flash UIs: displaying icons. It sounds boring and, well, it really aught to be. However, I’m constantly asked by UI designers to populate some list item clips, frames, other other little holders with icons that are dynamically loaded by context. I figure that many others must be asked to do the same, so today’s article shows you a little function to help with that task.

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