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Constructing Arrays

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In AS3, you can create an Array can be created with special syntax: myArray = []. You can even fill the Array with values all in one go: myArray = [1,2,3,4,5]. This is a nice shorthand that saves some typing compared to using the constructor: myArray = new Array(1,2,3,4,5). But, which way is faster? Today we find out! UPDATE: added a third way of creating arrays

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Object Creation

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A comment posted before the Flash Player 10.1 series of articles asked about the performance differences between creating an object with o = new Object() and with o = {}. Below I’ll look into the generated bytecode for these two approaches and test their relative performance to see if either approach is faster than the other.

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Declaring Vectors

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The differences between Vector and Array have been quite interesting since Vector was introduced in Flash Player 10. Until just recently I didn’t know that there was special syntax for declaring a Vector akin to Array's special a = [1,2,3,4,5] trick. This got me thinking about the various ways one can declare a Vector and, of course, how they’re implemented in bytecode and what the speed differences, if any, are. Read on for some nitty gritty about how you declare Vectors in AS3.

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Flexible If Syntax

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This article is sort of a follow-up to my article on Flexible Loop Syntax. This was reported to my by a coworker who spotted the anomaly. I guess he had done with if the same sort of thing that I had done with for. Read on for a little insight into how the comma operator interacts with the if statement.

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Spot The Problem

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You could probably do this in most languages and it might be hard to spot. See for yourself.

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