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Compress ATF Textures By 95%

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ATF textures already contain a lot of compression: DXT, ETC, or PVRTC texture compression plus JPEG-XR and LZMA for good measure. What more can we do? As it turns out, we can drastically reduce the file size by simply applying Zlib or LZMA compression to the files. Read on for some samples with file size breakdowns.

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Compression Speed Followup

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Flash Player 11.3 added a new way to compress and uncompress ByteArray: the LZMA algorithm. This is useful because LZMA typically compresses to much smaller size than the existing zlib and deflate algorithms. But how much of a speed penalty does it incur? Today’s article seeks to find just that!

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Compression Speed

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Flash makes it very easy to compress data- just call ByteArray.compress. It’s just as easy to uncompress with ByteArray.uncompress. With such convenience, it’s tempting to compress every ByteArray you send across without a second thought. But is this really a good idea? Will compressing every packet you send over a socket slow your app to a standstill? Today’s test is designed to answer just this question. Read on for the test and results!

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