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Simple Formula Evaluator Revisited

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A couple years ago, I wrote an article showing how to empower game designers with the ability to write simple formulas like PlayerLevel*100+100. These are much more useful than just constants and don’t require any of the complexity of a real programming language. Today we’ll bring it into the Burst-compatible world and also improve its ability to handle more complex formulas.

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A Simple Formula Evaluator

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As you know, making your game data-driven is good idea. So you make all kinds of configuration files with numbers in them: starting health, damage amount, XP reward, etc. But what do you do when those values aren’t just constants? Today’s article presents a little one-file class that you can use to evaluate simple formulas instead of just constants. What if your data for “XP reward” wasn’t just “100” but instead a formula like “10+MMRDifference*50”? That’s a great tool you can hand to game designers to data-drive your game. Read on to learn how!

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Why Static Is Slow

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Using static variables and functions is slow. That was the conclusion of the previous article on statics, but the subject is actually more nuanced than that. Today we’ll explore static more in-depth and find out just why it is so slow.

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Class Dependencies

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One of AS3’s strong suits is its ability to very easily use classes in a dynamic way. Every once in a while, this leads MXMLC to completely remove some of your classes from the output SWF and you then get some very strange behavior. Read on for some strategies for using dynamic classes without going insane.

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