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C++ For C# Developers: Part 6 – Control Flow

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Let’s continue the series with another nuts-and-bolts topic: control flow. The Venn diagram is largely overlap here, but both C# and C++ have their own unique features and some of the features in common have important differences between the two languages. Read on for the nitty-gritty!

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ASC 2.0 Conditionals Performance

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Surprisingly, some interesting things have been happening with conditionals like if-else in AS3. First, a brand new AS3 compiler—ASC 2.0—has been released with the promise that it’ll generate more efficient bytecode. Second, some readers have pointed out the existence of a new (to me) technique: the “if-else tree”. Today’s article takes a look at just what that is and tests it against the classic options: if-else, the ternary (? :) operator, and the switch statement. Which will be fastest?

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Conditionals Performance Revisited

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Today I’m revisiting an article I wrote last August about conditionals: if-else chains, ternary (? :) operators, and switch statements. In that article I showed that if-else chains are about as fast as ternary operators and that both of them are 10-15% faster than switch statements. Today we’ll take a look at how those conditionals scale beyond just the few cases in the last article.

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Conditionals Performance

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Now that the Flash Player 10.1 testing is through I can return to a comment asking about the performance difference between if-else chains and the ternary (? :) operator. Further, I’ll discuss switch statements to see if there is any difference in performance for these commonly-used methods of flow control.

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