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C++ For C# Developers: Part 6 – Control Flow

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Let’s continue the series with another nuts-and-bolts topic: control flow. The Venn diagram is largely overlap here, but both C# and C++ have their own unique features and some of the features in common have important differences between the two languages. Read on for the nitty-gritty!

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Three Interesting Discoveries

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Today’s article is about three totally unrelated discoveries I’ve recently made in AS3. These answer three questions I’ve recently had. Should you cache the object you’re looping over with a for-each loop as a local variable? Can you clear a Dictionary or Object with a for-in loop? Is it faster to write your own version of Vector.indexOf? All of these questions are answered in today’s article!

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Loop Speed Redux

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AS3 has three kinds of loops—for, for-in, and for-each—but which is fastest? I attempted to answer that question about three years ago, but the article is in dire need of a followup as many version of Flash Player have been released since then and the question is core to our everyday lives as AS3 programmers. So which type of loop is fastest in 2012?

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