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Efficiently Keeping Lists Sorted

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List<T> (and SafeList) have a great feature for fast lookups: BinarySearch. However, the list needs to be sorted in order to use it. You could call Sort() first, but that would give back all the performance you got with BinarySearch. It’s better to just keep the list sorted all the time. Unfortunately, there is no function on IList<T>, List<T>, or SafeList to efficiently insert an item into a list that’s already sorted. Today’s article presents an extension function that adds this functionality on to IList<T> and even the non-generic IList so your list will always be sorted for quick lookups with BinarySearch. Read on for the code, unit tests, and a performance test showing the advantages you stand to gain.

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SafeList 2.0

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The first version of SafeList tried to address a common problem: inserting and removing elements into a List<T> while you loop over it. It had a lot of problems though and ended up being pretty much useless. Today’s article presents SafeList 2.0, a radically-improved version that really solves the problem so you can actually use it as a drop-in replacement for List<T>. Read on for the details, the source code, and even the unit tests that prove it handles all the nasty corner cases for you!

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