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JPEG-XR Viewer (PNG, GIF, SWF, and JPEG too!)

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Having covered JPEG-XR images recently, one thing has struck me as a little odd: there aren’t really any good cross-platform viewers available to look at them. Yes, it’s a bit of an obscure format, but shouldn’t there be something available? Well, I decided to make a simple Flash app to load a JPEG-XR image from a URL or a browse button and display it. Along the way I added support for PNG, JPEG, GIF, AVM1 SWF, and AVM2 SWF. Today’s article has the source code and the viewer itself. Added support for panning the image

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Using ATF Is Harder Than You Might Think

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Using Adobe’s new compressed texture format should be as simple as replacing some PNG and JPEG images with ATFs their tools created, but it’s not. If you don’t know what you’re doing, the process can be pretty confusing. Today’s article walks you through the steps to upgrade a Stage3D-using app to make use of ATF textures.

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Use Any Sprite As a Stage3D Texture

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Textures are usually simple bitmaps, but what if you wanted to use something more dynamic? How about a SWF you’ve created in Flash Professional? How about a Sprite or MovieClip you’ve created in code? Today’s article will show you how to do just that.

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Using New Flash Player Features

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Adobe adds new features to every new version of Flash Player. To use these features, you have to compile your SWF correctly. Unfortunately, setting up your build environment and passing the right options to the compiler can be a bit tricky. Today’s article attempts to clear up the confusion so you can take advantage of the latest Flash Player features.

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