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Flash vs. HTML5: Bitmap Drawing Speed

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HTML5 is all the rage and a lot of Flash developers are either curious about it or have actually made the switch. But how does its performance stack up against Flash? That is a very complicated question, so we’ll begin today with just a simple test of the speed at which a lot of bitmaps can be drawn to the screen. Who will win? Read on to find out.

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Speed Up Alpha Textures With Stage3D By 4x

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Now that we know how to use textures with an alpha channel in rendering Stage3D scenes, let’s see if we can cut the performance cost so we can use them more often. Today’s article will show some tricks to optimize your rendering loop.

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Using Alpha Textures With Stage3D

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Stage3D makes a lot of common tasks more complicated. One such task is using a texture/image that has alpha on it. With classic 2D Flash, this is done automatically for us. With Stage3D, we must resort to some obscure tricks. Today I’ll show you those tricks so you can use alpha textures in your Stage3D-accelerated Flash app.

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BitmapData Alpha Performance

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The BitmapData class is among the most useful classes in AS3. When it was introduced in Flash 8 it dramatically improved Flash development by opening up new potential for features and optimization. Since it’s used so often, it’s good to know as much about it as possible. Today I’m going to cover the performance difference that turning alpha (a.k.a. transparency) on makes.

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