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How to Wrap a Real Native Library

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There are many posts that’ll tell you the “hello world” of calling native code like C++ from a C# Unity project. These tend to be simple examples though, so it’s hard to go from that to wrapping a real life useful native library. Today we’ll wrap SQLite, a popular C library that implements a database, and talk about the challenges in doing so and how to end up with a pleasant C# API for the rest of the game to use. Read on to learn how!

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CDB: A JSON Alternative

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JSON is incredibly bloated, but what do you use instead? Many games have some huge configuration file with lots of data about how the game should be run. Think of the items in a shop or the layout of a saga map and you’ll get the picture. This is often a JSON file that will take forever to parse, hog up a bunch of memory, and create a ton of garbage for the GC to collect. Enter CDB: the Constant Database. Unlike other databases, CDB is a simple, read-only, key-value store that’s been around over 20 years! Today’s article introduces the format and provides a one-file script you can drop into your projects and start gaining the many advantages that CDB has to offer.

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