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Redirect Console.Write to Unity’s Console

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One of the great advantages of programming in Unity is that it uses a (mostly) standard .NET implementation. This means you can find lots of third party code that is written for .NET but not necessarily Unity and still incorporate it into your app. This kind of code typically uses System.Console.Write or System.Console.WriteLine to print to standard output, but Unity doesn’t display it in its Console panel or redirect it to platform-specific logging like Android’s logcat. This article provides a class you can easily integrate into your app to redirect System.Console writes to Unity’s standard Debug logging so it’ll show up like you’d expect.

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Utility Function: indexedTrisToString

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This week’s article offers another useful utility function: indexedTrisToString. This function is especially useful when dealing with 3D engines such as those based on Context3D.drawTriangles or Graphics.drawTriangles. It helps to untangle the complicated indices/vertices format that these API functions require into something much more readable and, therefore, debuggable.

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