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Flash vs. HTML5: Text Rendering Speed

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The “Flash vs. HTML5” series has covered bitmap drawing pretty well by now, but what about text rendering? Virtually every game has text in it and sometimes a lot. Quest text, name tags, button labels, tooltips, and so on combine to fill the screen with quite a bit of the stuff. So how does Flash’s text rendering compare with that of HTML5? Read on to find out!

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The Size of Empty

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I was reminded about the flash.sampler API by Grant Skinner’s recent post about it. While only available in the debug player, it can still tell us some valuable information about what goes on in the release player. Today I’m using the getSize function to find out how much memory overhead various classes impose, even when they are empty.

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Simple TextField Marquee


A coworker recently needed to marquee some text in a TextField. Having searched for this on the internet and found nothing for AS3, I decided to implement it. Turns out it’s really simple. The code is below.

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