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C++ For C# Developers: Part 17 – Namespaces

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With structs wrapped up, we can move on to other features of C++. Today we’ll take a look at namespaces. We’ll cover the basics that C# provides, but go so much further and cover a lot of advanced functionality. Read on to learn all about them!

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From AS3 to C#, Part 13: Where Everything Goes

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Today we continue the series by wrapping up C#’s class/interface/struct/enum system with a discussion of where to put them all. We’ll focus on package/namespace, organizing types into files, and some details of using/import.

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From AS3 to C#, Part 3: AS3 Class Parity

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Picking up from last time, today we’ll finish off classes in C# from an AS3 perspective in preparation for next week when we delve into all-new concepts that aren’t in AS3 at all. Read on to learn the C# way to implement getters and setters, final functions and classes, const variables, and packages.

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Better OOP Through Namespaces

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Namespaces may make poor function pointers, but you’d be wise to not write them off so quickly. It turns out that they have an altogether different usage that can help you blend the speed advantages of public fields with the encapsulation and information hiding of getters and setters. Read on to learn more about this lovely compromise.

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The Size of Empty

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I was reminded about the flash.sampler API by Grant Skinner’s recent post about it. While only available in the debug player, it can still tell us some valuable information about what goes on in the release player. Today I’m using the getSize function to find out how much memory overhead various classes impose, even when they are empty.

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Namespaces As Function Pointers

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One lovely trick C/C++ programmers can use is to replace conditional logic (eg. if statements) with function pointers if the result of the conditional logic is a loop invariant. Function pointers do exist in AS3 in the form of the Function class, but they are a dynamic class whose usage is very slow. AS3 also supports Namespaces, which can be used as a function pointer substitute. Are they any faster than directly using Functions? Read on for a quick test.

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