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The Size of Empty

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I was reminded about the flash.sampler API by Grant Skinner’s recent post about it. While only available in the debug player, it can still tell us some valuable information about what goes on in the release player. Today I’m using the getSize function to find out how much memory overhead various classes impose, even when they are empty.

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Map Performance

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I recently received an e-mail from Dmitry Zhelnin (translation) with a test he did concerning the speed of a couple ways to get a value for a key, which I like to call a map and Wikipedia likes to call an associative array. I’d been meaning to do a similar test for a while now and, guess what, I finally have! UPDATE: fixed miss test for fixed-size Vectors.

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Loop Speed

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AS3 gives you a good number of potential ways you can loop over collections. When Flash Player 10 first came out, I went ahead and tested out the new Vector class in a variety of ways. One of them was to pit it against the collections available in Flash Player 9: Array, Object, Dictionary, ByteArray, and even BitmapData. Below I’ll show you my test and discuss its results.

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Dictionary Conversion


Dictionaries are very useful. Unlike Objects, your keys don’t need to be Strings. But there are remnants of this String requirement that are not obvious. Fortunately, it’s a simple rule to remember…

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